Customs Declaration Requirements

Any import or export goods passing through the customs must submit the completed customs declaration form to the customs, which makes the process a very important step during theinternational trading.

Different countries have different customs policies, which also affect goods’s customs clearance progress, especially for goods that crosses through multiple countries. Fortunately, as more and more customs clearance companies grow mature with their business and become professional, customs clearance is no longer a problem to be worries about.

As a company with 12 years old trading business in diesel parts industry, has developed a mature cooperation relationship with many customs clearance companies, and this is helpful for our customers goods’s customs clearance.

What can we provide to help customers customs clearance? will do the best to provide documents according to customers demands. And mostly customs inquire order invoice, order contract, insurance policy, certificate of original place, packing list, bill of lading etc., for clearance.

Customs Clearance Processes. provides order invoice, customs code, insurance policy, packing list, bill of lading etc.,;

2. Products are in shipping ( about 7- 10 days);

3. Customs notifies customers for customs clearance;

4. Customers process customs clearance.

. Foreign purchase of products requires customs declaration, and customs declaration fees are incurred. The specific fees are according to the different countries’ policy. 

. After purchasing our products, please do not miss any contact calls and emails during the transportation of the goods. The calls may come from the local customs and logistics company to communicate customs clearance matters. If customers miss the contact of the customs and the logistics company, the purchased products may not be able to delivery on time or being detained by customs or returning and incurs high costs.   

How long does it usually take for customs clearance?

Customs clearance time depends on the customs policies of different countries. However, if the customs declaration data are normal, the customs believes that there is no tax-related, the verify risk is low, and no other control inspections, the clearance will be finished very soon.

Precautions for customs clearance.

1. Learn about the item restrictions in destination countries to avoid customs seizures;

2. Familiar with the customs policy of the destination country.

2. Familiar with the customs policy of the destination country.

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