Quality Control

Production & Installation

1.The 095000-9780 fuel injection are produced in dust-free workshop. The production steps include pre-heat treatment, post-heat treatment and CNC surface treatment. During each produce process, we strictly check every part’s quality and exclude bad quality parts so as to make sure our products meet usage standard.

2. When install 095000-9780 fuel injection, please follow below precautions:
 . The replacement of the fuel injection must strictly follow the electrical system, the approved pressure of the low-pressure fuel intake system, the approved pressure of the high-pressure fuel circuit system, and fuel system replacement consumables requirements (including the low-pressure fuel circuit system filter and the high-pressure fuel circuit) specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual.
 . Replacement of wearing parts of the fuel system, cleaning requirements for the connection between the fuel system and the fuel injection, the fitting clearance of the fuel injection connection, the installation angle and tightening torque of the fuel injection, the fitting clearance of the intake system, and the fitting clearance of the exhaust system to ensure the service life of the engine and the normal operation of the fuel injection.
 . When installing the fuel injection on the engine, it is necessary to clean the engine block, cylinder head and other parts connected to the fuel injection, and ensure that there is no dust, carbon deposits, water, rust spots, etc. 
. Before installing, check whether the fuel injection nozzle gasket has been replaced and installed on the fuel injection.
. When installing the fuel injection, apply lubricant between the fuel injection, fuel nozzle sealing gasket and O-ring.
. Without replacing new gasket can lead to: deformation of the tight cap of nozzle, deformation of nozzle, deformation of nozzle orifice, oil leakage and air leakage, which will cause serious damage to the fuel injection and nozzle to break and cause damage to the engine.

. When installing the fuel injection on the engine, please carefully check the components related to the installation of the fuel injection, such as the fuel injection pressure plate, screw, fuel injection rod and other accessories are not deformed, and install it in strict accordance with the operation steps of the engine maintenance manual.

. It is forbidden to operate the bare fuel injection for a long time in an environment with serious dust pollution and corrosion to iron products.
 . It is forbidden to operate the bare fuel injection for a long time in a strong magnetic field environment.


fuel injection095000-9780.com has a mature business trading system and provides services such as replace, repair, refund etc,. to our customers, and fuel injection095000-9780.com also provides 6-12 months of warranty of each part sent to our customers. When you product’s quality problem, we will help you to solve it until you are satisfied.
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